Some Wedding Must Haves!

In a world full of Pinterest weddings (probably more fictional than real), most women have at least one moment in which they’ve seen a pin and said “I wish I did that at my wedding!”. Seeing other brides’ ideas and what has been done at other weddings is enough to inspire any bride-to-be…and keep you glued to your computer screen for hours on end. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite can’t miss surprises for your groom, your bridal party, your guests and even for yourself. Here are some great ideas that you’ll want to see come to life at your own wedding. Please note: These ideas & images are not property of Michael Mueller Media.

A live wedding painter to capture your ceremony/reception space and your guests.
































Arrange ceremony seats in a circular pattern around the couple so that everyone can see.


















Provide coasters that help people keep their drinks while dancing.

Give guests to-go boxes so that they can take cake home.


Create cool door tags for guests who are traveling and stay overnight.





Have a creative Mad-Lib RSVP card.






Put photos of yourselves at different ages corresponding to table numbers for your guests to enjoy.



Make your ring bearer a ring security guard.



Leave fun facts about yourselves on the tables.



Make your own Instagram hashtag that your guests can use. Not only is it fun for them, but it also allows you to see all of the pictures your guests uploaded to Instagram in one search.



















A “Please Call Anyone But the Bride” list of phone numbers for your wedding party to keep stressful, last-minute problems away from the bride on her wedding day.













Give each table a song name or lyric. When their song plays, the whole table has to get up and dance. If you are doing a buffet dinner, the song could also be the table’s cue to get food.



Guests throw darts at balloons filled with paint attached to a canvas. You keep the art.